Newspaper Columns

Josh Freed writes a humorous Saturday column for the Montreal Gazette about everything from potholes to politics to the pigeons who’ve taken over his back balcony in Montreal.

A simple solution to Quebec’s English student problem

Oct 21 2023

Remote workers may get more done, but they miss out on office chatter

October 7 2023

It’s easier to find stuff than lose it these days

September 30 2023

Sweet infrastructure dreams are inspired by the REMS success

September 23 2023

City hall snubs Montrealers again and again

September 16 2023

We need to fix summer, and here’s how

September 9 2023

Robo-refs are killing the joy of booing bad calls

September 2 2023

I loved Montreal in the “good old days,” but I love it more now.

August 26 2023

Readers chime in about the good old days

August 19 2023

Slouchers, get that guilt off your shoulders

August 12 2023

In both 2002 and 1997 he won the National Newspaper Award for best Canadian columnist, while a collection of his columns also won the Leacock Prize for humor.

I’ve had e-nough of irresponsible e-bike and e-scooter use

August 5 2023

I’m giving up on tipping and tapping with credit cards

July 29, 2023

No need to be sheepish about sleep separation

July 22 2023

Now that my stache is trendy, time to blaze a new trail?

July 15 2023

The only thing worse  than the weather is the forecast

July 8 2023

The time has come for everyone

July 1 2023

I’m ready for daily life with subtitles

June 23 2023

Language hassles aside, anglos love Quebec, too

June 17 2023

Are you eligible to read this column in English under Bill 96?

June 10 2023

I was happily stuck in a mammoth Montreal people jam

June 3 2023

Online fraud has a new name- and another, and another

May 27 2023

Wait! There were pictures in my passport?

May 20 2023

Main’s Deli’s demise is heartbreaking for Smoke Meat Pete

May 13 2023

More honkers are going bonkers on Quebec roads

May 6 2023

My naked neck helped clip tyranny of ties

April 22 2023

Imagine a world where it’s not ” jaywalking.” It’s just “walking.”

April 15 2023

Montreal’s shortest season has begun – despite ice storm 2.0

April 8 2023

Is it time for Montrealers to kiss off “La Bise”

April 1 2023

I’m not happy about missing International  Day of Happiness

March 25 2023

Big Tech has resurrected the ancient art of haggling

March 18 2023

You need the Montreal Gazette and it needs you

March 11 2023

Curtain closing on the traditional moviegoing experience

March 4 2023

Quebec’s language cops stripped character from my favourite Chinese eatery

February 25 2023

Balloon Saga harkens back to more innocent times

February 18 2023

They call me “The Looter” in Southern California

February 11 2023

Myriad streaming services are causing subscription overload

January 28, 2023

It’s too soon to silence Montreal’s snow sirens

January 21 2023

Wear a hard hat, don’t rob banks and other easy 2023 resolutions

January 14 2023

“French-only hours” and other fearless predictions for 2023 and beyond

January 7 2023

New Year’s resolutions are easier when you’re buddies with a chatbot

December 31 2022

You can dodge COVID, but can you dodge awkward chit-chat at parties?

December 23 2022

Fret not, brighter days are just ahead

December 17 2022

There’s something to be said for being a Josh of all trades

December 10 2022

How hard can it be to remove our own tonsils

December 3 2022

The “beautiful game” of soccer is a mystery to me

November 26 2022

I’ve become a Josh of all trades for companies I pay

November 19 2022

Superstitions are slippery things, but I keep my fingers crossed anyway

November 12 2022

Being phoneless in Italy felt like returning to prehistoric times

November 5 2022

Trick or treat? Hope this Halloween “cone poem” isn’t too scary

October 29 2022

Hey, why not set a phone reminder to read this column?

October 22 2022

t’s time to diversify the names of big storms

October 15 2022

Montrealers are united in distrust of the CAQ Government

October 8 2022

As Versace Josh, I’ve pioneered many fashion crazes

October 1 2022

t’s hard to get excited over Quebec election’s leading candidates

September 24, 2022

Stand on guard against the Constitution virus!

September 17 2022

Two teaspoons of wine may be a bit too much moderation

September 10, 2022

This Labour Day, it’s a war on old-fashioned work

September 3 2022

It’s been an unusually festive summer, even for Montreal

August 27 2022

More subtitles could help bring the world closer together

August 20 2022

Like Montreal’s roads, our aging population is falling apart

August 13 2022

Finally, an issue to unite our fractured world-unnecessary tipping

July 30, 2022

We’ve reached a tipping point with “tip creep”

July 23, 2022

Rogers outage dials up memories of phone booths, answering machines

July 15, 2022

Survival guide to Canadian flight fright

July 8 2022

Think you know Canada in 2022? Try this quiz

July 1 2022

We love Quebec, so why does Quebec see us as a threat?

June 24, 2022

A scourge plaguing the human race is finally disappearing

June 18, 2022

Can festival season help Montreal capture its joie de vivre?

June 11 2022

Quest for “The Best” can be a soul –  draining test

June 4 2022

We’ve lost Canada’s first shopping centre, but not its amazing story

May 28 2022

Real-life concerns about consequences of Bill 96

May 21 2022

Online security is becoming a little too secure for me

May 14 2022

COVID has brought new challenges for the dreamers on the Main

May 7 2022

I have finally given in to the tyranny of the tidy

April 30 2022

Let’s crack the case of Montreal’s cracked roads

April 23 2022

Smart devices, hear my words- no, not birds, words!

April 16 2022

Readers weigh in on what irks them the most

April 9 2022

The slap hurt, but the humiliation hurt more

April 2 2022

Technology taking away our ability to be wrong and argue about it

March 12 2022

With COVID restrictions lifting, what are the new etiquette rules?

March 5 2022

Bicycle Bob pedalled his ideas of a better Montreal

February 26 2022

Poor Ottawa could have learned from Montreal’s experiences

February 19 2022

As COVID restrictions loosen,, we can be both sensible and social

February 12 2022

” I’m really bad with names. Do you mind if I just call you Steve?”

February 5 2022

Column teasing Floridians about COVID strikes angry chord

January 29 2022

Florida feels like another planet compared with Quebec

January 22 2022

Sorry, I didn’t recognize you without your mask

January 15 2022

Francois Legault’s “common sense” curfew make zero sense

January 8  2022

Happy New Year as we keep fighting this old war against COVID

December 31 2021

Latest COVID variant means another cautious Christmas

December 24 2021

Constant counting is only part of our data dictatorship

December 18 2021

I’d love to bring a a little Madrid to Montreal

December 11 2021

Dealing with cookies is more draining than delicious

December 4 2021

Montreal is coming back to life with a (masked) sigh of relief

November 20 2021

Let’s allow ourselves to forget what we didn’t do during COVID

November 13 2021

COVID helped us revive the ancient art of the phone call

November 6 2021

Time to break out of your caves, Montrealers, if you haven’t already

October 30 2021

Despite COVID effect, restaurant experience still worth it

October 23

Our speed-crazed world shows no signs of slowing down

October 16 2021

Montrealers need a real choice for the future

October 9 2021

Quebec was united by pandemic, but risks being torn apart by Bill 96

October 2 2021

My opinions about the opinion polls

September 25 2021

Why can’t we g0 back to the days when shopping was easy?

September 18 2021

 Guess what? There’s an election in nine days!

September 11 2021

Labour Day, the forgotten child of holidays

September 4 2021

 Phishing scams, easy-open tabs and other things that irk me

August 28 2021

If I’m bagging my own stuff,  why am I not getting paid?

August 21 2021

 COVID has changed some things for the better

August 14 2021

A face you can’t place?  Soon there will be an app for that

July 24 2021

Medical advice was flip- flopping long before COVID

July 17 2021

It’s wonderful to talk about trivial matters once again

July 10 2021

 I’d be lost without my electronic finders

July 3 2021

Canadiens fever is a virus we don’t mind spreading

June 26 2021

As life returns  to normal, it’s the small things that resonate

June 19 2021

Montreal has turned into a giant open-air cafe

June 12 2021

Do we really want to to back to our pre-COVID lives?

June 5 2021

My printer is being obstinate, so I gave it a stern talking to

May 29 2021

Montrealers ready to bust out from their COVID caves

May 23 2021

How about a Lotto Vax ticket to lure the vaccine-hesitant?

May 15 2021

Will Quebecers lose the “joie”  in our joie de vivre?

May 8 2021

Not everyone is ready for their COVID bubble to burst

May 1 2021

 Sleep tight. Don’t let bad COVID dreams keep you up at night

April 24 2021

The great outdoors has become our COVID salvation

April 17 2021

Why are you punishing us for your mistakes, Mr. Legault?

April 10 2021

After COVID, we’ll need to relearn old habits

April 3 2021

Why can’t we have a lawful waffle outdoors, Mr. Legault?

March 27 2021

Here’s hoping 2021 leads to more vaccination elation

March 20 2021

A year after pandemic began, we finally have more light than fear

March 13 2021

Fattening the curve and other COVID language lessons

March 6 2021

Whatever’s leading Legault to his decisions, it isn’t science

February 28 2021

COVID has robbed us of small talk, and that’s a big deal

February 20 2021

Welcome to No-Vaccination Nation, a virus sensation! 

February 13 2021

Our cold-free cold season is one more reason to be thankful

February 6 2021

Every era has its own pandemic blessings

January 30 2021

Boring U.S. presidential inauguration a welcome  relief, mostly

January 23 2021

Montrealers have turned Scandinavian, thanks to COVID-19

January 16 2012

Maybe a beak could bend the COVID curfew rules

January 9 2021

Here are New Year’s resolutions you’ve already achieved.

January 1 2021

Here’s what you can positively expect in the new year

December 26, 2020

It’s been  a weird year for Santa. too

December 20,2020

Creative ways to celebrate COVID-19 holiday season

December 12, 2020

 Pandemic life includes the Legault 3-step and fakewashes

December 5 2020

Lagault’s Christmas compromise is a game of COVID roulette

November 28 2020

We’re gonna miss Donald Trump

November 21 2020

Let us resto-wanters eat outdoors,please

November 14 2020

A survival guide- how to make the most of pandemic life

November 7 2020

The Trump show is about to hit its fourth-season cliffhanger

October 31 2020

The tide is turning toward permanent daylight saving time

October 24 2020

Hey, Mr. Legault, do you know what you are doing?

October 10 2020

After debate debacle, more Americans eyeing Canada

October 3, 2020

Why I ghosted my local grocer

September 26 2020

Scampsters’  phishing expeditions adding to our COVID angst

September 19 2020

How we can survive a pandemic winter

September 12 2020

Congratulations, city-hall you’ve distracted us from the pandemic 

September 5 2020

Floridians can reverse-snowbird here, under these conditions

August 29 2020

We met the menace on our Chaudieres-Appalaches trip, and it was us

August 22 2020

Finding a chirpy silver lining during COVID pandemic

August 15 2020

For Montreal merchants, it’s a tale of two streets

July 25 2020

We will face a multitude of obstacles as a masked society

July 18 2020

Montreal divided between the masked and the maskless

July 11 2020

National celebrations muted in the age of COVID-19

July 4 2020

Montreal’s great  COVID road’s experiment

June 28 2020

A haircut at last- a cautious but cathartic experience

June 20 2020

Six ways COVID-19 will change the way we interact

June 13 2020

Mood in Montreal is a strange mix of euphoria and anxiety

June 6 2020

Our discombobulated deconfinement

May 30 2020

We’re on COVID parole, so let’s keep things clean

May 23 2020

Good plexiglass makes good neighbours

May 16 2020

The silver linings of our pandemic lockdown

May 9 2020

For many healthy seniors, COVID crisis is inhumane

May 2 2020

We desperately want out of this empty COVID life

April 25 2020

As usual, Canadians excel at obedience in the COVID-19 era

April 18 2020

Five things we’re confused about protecting ourselves from COVID-19

April 10 2020

Five ways COVID-19 has changed our behaviour

April 4 2020

Will coronavirus calamity make us go cuckoo

March 28 2020

We’re all stars in COVID-19 horror film, but we’re in it together

March 21 2020

COVID-19 turns yesterday’s paranoia into today’s new normal

March 14 2020

 Josh Freed’s guide to the U.S. Democratic presidential race

March 7 2020

COVID 19 accentuating trends already infecting the world

February 29 2020

My journey across masked Asia

February 22 2020

Email is a blessing, but it’s also a full-time job

February 1 2020

Name changes are often tough for old-timers to adapt to

January 25 2020

Harry and Meghan, here’s why you should live in Montreal

January 18 2020

Five reasons these new fancy food halls are worth checking out

January 11 2020

Longing for Montreal’s eccentric street characters

January 4 2020

Predictions for the 2020s, including how Decarie will go green

December 29 2019

It has been a scary decade, but Montreal has mostly thrived

December 21 2019

Just tell me what food I can eat

December 14 2019

As Justin Trudeau learned, the cameras are everywhere 

December 7 2019

Welcome to the “selfie” – service world, where we do the work

November 30 2019

We live in a world where everything breaks and no one can fix it

November 23 2019

Can you pass the Historic Anglos quiz?

November 16 2019

Quebec is punishing the most vulnerable by restricting English services 

November 9 2019

Weather hysteria ruined Montreal’s Halloween

November 2 2019

Why I don’t have a passcode on my cellphone

October 26 2019

Ask Dr. Josh about your election worries

October 19 2019

Canadian politics are bad, but at least you don’t have to worry about making a Brexit box

October 12 2019

What the TVA leaders’ debate sounded like to me

October 5 2019

Ideas for what we should  and shouldn’t be policing in Montreal

September 28 2019

Montreal needs a pro – bike philosophy that’s not car – hostile

September 21 2019

“No-Drama” Canada has a lot to learn from U.S. and U.K.

September 14 2019

Please keep your shoes on and leave your wallet at the door

September 7 2019

Will all this development cannibalize Montreal’s soul?

August 31 2019

An e-volution is upon us with e-bikes in Montreal

August 24 2019

A seven-step program to keep to keep Trump out of your life 

August 17 2019

Summertime brings fake weather news, bugs and A/C battles

August 10 2019

 It’s mot my fqult I din’t knwo hOw to psell

August 3 2019

Thanks for ruining Mount Royal’s most scenic drive, Mayor Plante 

July 13 2019

Why is it taking two whole years to renovate a park?

July 6 2019

Canada Day offers us a chance to reflect on who we are

June 29 2019

Montreal’s coneucopia is driving us to the couch

June 22 2019

 To err is human, especially on tests designed to make sure

June 15 2019

Raptors mania is forcing Canadians to take Basketball 101

June 8 2019

As Raptors enthrall a nation, Toronto owes Montreal its thanks

June 1 2019

What should be in the Champlain Bridge time capsule?

May 25 2019

Montreal is only two weeks away from its big unveiling

May 18 2019

Nose rings and other contradictions of Bill 21

May 11 2019

Well I’ll be darned, the Mount Royal traffic consultation… worked?

May 4 2019

The art of cooking slowly going the way of phone booths

April 27 2019

The seven signs of spring in Montreal

April 20 2019

Even strangers and computers are on  a first-name basis with me

April 13 2019

Maybe it’s time to de-sanctify our streets names

April 6 2019

Securalism debate will probably divide Quebec for years

March 30 2019

Our gadgets are spying on us-and we’re letting them

March 16 2019

 Why Quebecers are unimpressed by the SNC-blahvalin scandal

March 9 2019

Here are seven handy tips to convince yourself winter is over

March 2 2019

Icy sidewalks wouldn’t be a problem if you’d listened to me and heated them

February 23 2018

Embracing Snow Days  does not make you a weather wimp

February 17 2019

Most men are lagging when it comes to reusable bagging 

February 9 2019

Our crummy winter weather is a U.S. national emergency

February 2 2019

In this economy of extras, I’m taking the “free” out of Freed

January 19 2019

The ins and outs of tying your shoelaces

January 12 2019

Alexa, are you going to take over my life?

January 5 2019

Fearless predictions of what you can expect in 2019

December 29 2018

Santa is coming under scrutiny by modern-day standards

December 22 2018

 In the world of lost and found, I’m a loser

December 15 2018

Can Montreal make a delicious bagel that’s politically correct?

December 8 2018

Oh Ste-Catherine, I hope we don’t ruin you 

December 1 2018

Anglo Quebecers are déçu with you, Doug Ford

November 24 2018

 I hope this column puts you to sleep

November 17 2018

Let’s all move out of Montreal and shut it down for repairs

November 10 2018

Embracing the convenience revolution is a slippery slope

November 3 2018

Make your voice heard on the future of Mount Royal

October 27 2018

Pot is here, and I’m already over it

October 20 2018

Technology and Big Data are taking the mystery out of life

October 13 2018

How long will I live? Let’s do the math

October 6 2018

Reflections on an election campaign nobody is talking about

September 29 2018

What you might not have heard at the election debates

September 22 2018

Breaking down this boring Quebec election campaign

September 15 2018

Phoneless in New York- A harrowing tale

September 8 2018

Life is finally getting better for night owls like me

September 1 2018

Quebec’s political discourse isn’t perfect, but it could be much worse

August 25 2018

Confessions of a TV binge-watching wimp

August 18 2018

Montrealers are being insulted by city’s “consultations”

August 11 2018

Welcome American tourists! Even if you voted for Trump

July 28 2018

Driven to distraction by the good, the bad and the overconfident

21 July 2018

This customer service call was frustrating-but I later learned it wasn’t what I thought

14 July 2018

Heat wave more evidence Montreal has a split personality

7 July 2018

In Montreal during the summer, everything happens outdoors

30 June 2018

Let’s boycott America – at least until winter

23 June 2018

We’ve become a star – struck society when it comes to ratings

16 June 2018

Montreal drops ball by closing field of neighbourhood dreams

9 June 2018

 Life would be better with a fast-forward option

2 June 2018

Forget lists, except the Dry Cleaning Index, which Montreal aced

26 May 2018

Dr. Paranoia’s internet diagnoses are a great way to stress you out about diseases you don’t have

21 May 2018

Dr. Josh responds to his car-hating critics

12 May 2018

Projet Montreal’s duty to consult is being usurped by its anti-car agenda

5 May 2018

Aging is no fun, but sometimes you just have to laugh

28 April 2018

Show me the place you’re going to name after Leonard Cohen, Montreal

21 April 2018

 Trip down memory lane often paved with falsehoods

15 April 2018

A world of easier street parking is on the horizon

7 April 2018

Uh, what, um…uh, should I, uh, headline this column?

31 March 2018

 Big Daddy Data knows everything – and never forgets
4 March 2018

Opinions are divided on the future of Ste-Catherine street
17 March 2018

Don’t worry about heeding health rules. They keep changing
10 March 2018

Canada back in world news and this time it’s not Quebec’s fault!
3 March 2018

Made-in-Montreal solutions to the Mount Royal dilemma
24 February 2018

Montrealers should have their say on plan to block cars from crossing Mount Royal
17 February 2018

Six reasons Montreal should install heated sidewalks
27 January 2018

The discount on my account is counting on me forgetting to count
20 January 2018

What happened to Montreal’s jaywalkers?
13 January 2018

Only sensible resolution is one to make your life easier
6 January 2018

Just you wait — technology might be the end of the line
30 December 2017

Christmas wish list for Montreal, Canada and the world
23 December 2017

It’s time to ditch the switch and stay on Daylight Saving Time
16 December 2017

Let’s come down from our Bonjour-Hi hysteria
2 December 2017

Phones, messages and Revenue Canada’s bad call
25 November 2017

In the Age of Distraction, goldfish have better focus
18 November 2017

Presenting some projects for Valerie Plante
11 November 2017

Have we reached the tipping point of a service revolution?
4 November 2017

Rules for enjoying Halloween while respecting Bill 62
28 October 2017

You have the power to help shape our city’s future
21 October 2017

New e-scam world makes me miss days of Nigerian ‘princes’
14 October 2017

Calling it ‘un grilled-cheese’ in Quebec is a matter of taste
7 October 2017

Heavens to Betsy! Dated expressions still pepper our language
23 September 2017

Has the iPhone become our key to appiness?
16 September 2017

Montrealers should have right to pee for free
9 September 2017

Who needs parents, friends or neighbours? We’ve got Google!
2 September 2017

Summer 2017; porn for the weather-obsessed
26 August 2017

Great chair affair wreaking havoc on the Main in Montreal
19 August 2017

I must face the crippling reality of my Donald Trump addiction
12 August 2017

We’re on the road to a driverless future
29 July 2017

How the Pope changed my mind about panhandling
22 July 2017

Thumbing through the expenses for Montreal 375 projects
15 July 2017

Crosswalk your heart and hope not to die
8 July 2017

Oh Canada, let’s show some national pride
1 July 2017

Thanks, Amazon, for helping the robo-revolution
24 June 2017

Montrealers desperate for warm weather quick to crowd outside
17 June 2017

Eight inventions we need to make our lives easier
10 June 2017

Trump gives world leaders an unfair shake
3 June 2017

Bill 101 badly hurt us, but it also accidentally saved Canada
27 May 2017

Bonne fête, Montreal
20 May 2017

The dearth of births and the effect of rapidly aging Canada
13 May 2017

Concept of privacy seems doomed to be a quaint relic
6 May 2017

The Main 2.0 is ‘a street of dreams’
29 April 2017

Coining ‘neverendum’ has conquered the globe
22 April 2017

United Airlines fiasco brings world together in scorn
15 April 2017

Smartphone-wielding pedestrians making stupid decisions
8 April 2017

Reality has fooled us out of April Fools’ Day
1 April 2017

Mumbling on TV has me reaching for the subtitle button
25 March 2017

Montrealers put on special display of niceness in a crisis
18 March 2017

Through technology, what’s lost is quickly found again
4 March 2017

When it comes to misteaks, fourgive and forget
25 February 2017

This is the winter of my parking discontent
18 February 2017

Justin Trudeau, here’s how you deal with Donald Trump
11 February 2017

The response to Quebec’s mosque shooting has been heartwarming, so let’s make it last
4 February 2017

Look on the bright side of Trump
28 January 2017

Six rules for politicians navigating language in Quebec
21 January 2017

Money is filthy and expensive – it’s time we cashed it in
14 January 2017

On a beautiful New Year’s Day, Montreal let its citizens down
7 January 2017

Josh Freed predicts how the coming years will make us yearn for 2016
31 December 2016

Falalalala, it’s Chrismukkah
24 December 2016

Montreal is full of bright ideas for its 375th anniversary
17 December 2016

Icy pileup and ugly tree have brought Montreal worldwide scorn
10 December 2016

Forget hacking fears, your cellphone is a molecular tattletale
3 December 2016

High school reunion helped me appreciate life
26 November 2016

I, the expert on experts, know all experts are wrong
19 November 2016

In the Plateau, Cohen was ‘just another guy’
12 November 2016

Here are useful tips on how to survive the U.S. election
5 November 2016

Don’t forget your bag in Italy
29 October 2016

The Trump addiction and what to do when he is (hopefully) gone
22 October 2016

Faces, names and food – and the mysteries of memory
15 October 2016

Disseminating the seven traits of Quebec anglos
8 October 2016

Bacteria, health theories and the demise of the five-second rule
1 October 2016

It’s time to embrace Montreal’s crazy, daring, inflated dreams
24 September 2016

Your guide to this fall’s elections you wish weren’t happening
17 September 2016

Beware of Murray, Samantha and other robots
10 September 2016

A brush with death just makes barbecuing more exciting
3 September 2016

A prescription for surviving Montreal’s road construction chaos
27 August 2016

Online convenience and the swath of destruction it has left behind
20 August 2016

Olympics obsession a welcome tonic to Trump-mania
13 August 2016

I’ve flossed my mind over what’s healthy and not
6 August 2016

City’s split personality goes from the ridiculous to the sublime
30 July 2016

They Brexit, they bought it
9 July 2016

The power of nothing can improve your life
2 July 2016

Montreal should cater to citizens’ not-so-secret desires
25 June 2016

Donald Trump’s rise is a reality TV show gone very wrong
18 June 2016

Fitbit bytes the hand that feeds me
11 June 2016

Montreal should take pride in being cone capital of the world
4 June 2016

Montreal has all the comforts of home
28 May 2016

Montreal is becoming a crazy-ocracy
21 May 2016

Our census obsession and the great cod comeback
14 May 2016

How improving technology will help auto-correct your life
7 May 2016

The winds of change are blowing and they just might transform Montreal
30 April 2016

My dreams of sleep vanish into the night
23 April 2016

Take a closer look – Montreal offers a wealth of street art possibilities
16 April 2016

A Syrian trip, grave-robbing and how I could have saved a tiny piece of history
9 April 2016

Don’t play chicken with my St-Hubert!
2 April 2016

It’s time to capitalize on America’s growing fascination with Canada
25 March 2016

Travel advisory – try to practise caution, not paranoia
19 March 2016

With driverless cars a reality, should humans be allowed to drive?
27 February 2016

Imagine all the people parking cars in peace
20 February 2016

Montreal could learn from other cities’ Uber battles
13 February 2016

For most Montrealers, this is the winter of our content
6 February 2016

Billionaires with political aspirations have much in common
30 January 2016

U.S. campaign could become nightmarish presidential shout-down
23 January 2016

We can all tighten our belt on the 69-cent loonie diet
16 January 2016

New fears for a new year
9 January 2016

2016 is going to be a wild ride
2 January 2016

Embrace the warmth; spring is only several blizzards away
26 December 2015

Tips on life in Montreal for Syrian refugees
19 December 2015

Soon, identity theft will be only a thumbprint away
12 December 2015

When it comes to guns, our U.S. neighbours are mystifying
5 December 2015

Mattress mania and the search for the perfect sleep
28 November 2015

Has tracking technology taken the mystery out of life?
21 November 2015

Good Samaritan’s fight with city hall was long and one-sided
14 November 2015

Friendly advice for our new PM as he basks in optimism
7 November 2015

We’re only at the dawn of this new age of drones
31 October 2015

Our first selfie Prime Minister turning heads around the world
26 October 2015

Neverending campaign boils down to Gentle Justin vs Hardball Harper
17 October 2015

Too many cops? No problem – they could be doing so much more
10 October 2015

The enemy of the left is the slightly-less-left
3 October 2015

Government should offer more reprieves to city of scofflaws
26 September 2015

Time to build the Great Wall of Canada before Trumpmania explodes
19 September 2015

Basic human needs are getting more and more complicated
12 September 2015

Let’s make plans to meet – later
5 September 2015

A $250 fine for letting a woman in a wheelchair enjoy her ice cream outside?
29 August 2015

In an era of information overload, we suffer from information underload
22 August 2015

Josh Freed explains the Canadian election campaign
15 August 2015

Why we should make Pluto a planet again
25 July 2015

You know what bugs me? Bugs!
18 July 2015

How Montrealers go to the country
11 July 2015

Forecast calls for more forecasts
4 July 2015

Everybody’s an expert as ratings mania spreads
27 June 2015

With more freedom comes . . . shopping madness!
20 June 2015

Optimism and dreams reign supreme on the Main
13 June 2015

An Uber society leads to over-sharing
6 June 2015

Referendum stress was worst on those who weren’t yet born to see it
30 May 2015

French émigrés swarm the Plateau
23 May 2015

We have created a password nightmare
16 May 2015

Taxi industry driven to distraction
9 May 2015

Talking to myself is good for me – wouldn’t I agree?
2 May 2015

It’s easy to fall behind in a non-stop 24/7 world
25 April 2015

There’s a growing epidemic of digital hoarding
18 April 2015

This spring, all roads lead to ruin
11 April 2015

Fear of flying as airscare spreads
4 April 2015

The Main is losing one of its oldest landmarks
28 March 2015

Death by 1,000 service cuts – unless you pay
21 March 2015

There’s a remote chance your order will arrive via drone
14 March 2015

Some things are just better left to experts
14 February 2015

Bring on new winter festivals – we need to get out more
7 February 2015

Dreaming of snow-free sidewalks and a bustling downtown
31 January 2015

Technology will help Anglos from being lost in translation
24 January 2015

The slippery slope toward anti-toboggan bylaws
17 January 2015

Good luck navigating the bipolar vortex
10 January 2015

X marks the wrong spot for lamppost
3 January 2015

Expect cyber-spoilers and acronym madness in 2015
27 December 2014

Our Cuban holiday may be coming to an end
20 December 2014

Technology feeds your subconscious whether you like it or not
13 December 2014

Crimes are way down and I know why
6 December 2014

A chocolate bar (or seven) a day keeps the doctor away, studies show
29 November 2014

Heated sidewalks an idea whose time has come
22 November 2014

Montreal’s cycling culture sure beats the car-nage in T.O.
15 November 2014

Bridge name game spurs an accidental history lesson
8 November 2014

Information overload of a healthy variety
1 November 2014

Driven around the bend by GPS
25 October 2014

Habits nothing to get too nervous about
18 October 2014

All want a bridge; no one wants to pay
11 October 2014

Witnessing Scotland’s shaky marriage like déjà vu of déjà vu
20 September 2014

Fast fitness – let’s step on it
6 September 2014

Mayor Coderre’s passion for Montreal is contagious
10 May 2014

Smartphones are making us all dumber
3 May 2014

Josh Freed’s guide to surviving winter
5 January 2013

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