The Taming of the Queue

The Taming of the Queue (2017): All over the world people are lined up now —millions, maybe billions, losing trillions of hours of their time, their patience, and their lives. But recently “queue theorists” are working to overcome this “long-standing”  problem.  We examine a uniquely human question:  Can we finally undo the queue? For CBC’s documentary channel, Canal D (French) and distributed in Europe by Pointe du Jour. Release 2017.  iPhone app game accompanies the project.


Deluged by Data

Deluged by Data (2014): We live in an era obsessed and bombarded by data. Some think we all suffer from “Infobesity” — and need a “data diet.” Meet the data lovers, skeptics and wired, tired people who go ZERO TECH to escape being DELUGED BY DATA. Broadcast for CBC, RDI (in French) and distributed in Europe.  Writer’s Guild Award for Best Writing in a Documentary.



A Brisk Winter Swim in Moscow


Life Below Zero (2012): You’re a Canadian but you hate Winter?  We used to be God’s Frozen People and proud of it.  Have we gone soft and lost our “winter edge”? At last, the true story of growing up cold in Canada, Russia and Scandinavia. Broadcast for CBC.




The Trouble With Experts

The Trouble with Experts (2011): We all count on experts. They tell us what to eat, how to vote, raise our kids and interpret political events. We often cede our own opinions to “them” because, well … they know better than us, don’t they?  But does having expertise actually mean you make better decisions than regular people? Broadcast for CBC in English & French and distributed to 12 countries in Europe & Latin America.



Ben Pridmore, World Memory Champion

Where Did I Put My Memory? (2010): For North Americans, memory loss is our second greatest health fear – after cancer. And we can’t just forget about it, because there’s too much to remember in our hectic 24/7 lives. Are we all doomed to lose our minds? Or are there ways to keep our memories – and even make them better? If you can lose your memory can you find it? Produced for CBC in Canada, for broadcast and international distribution in 2010.



Josh Freed in his "creative" office

My Messy Life (2008): a 60 minute documentary exploring the virtues of chaos in everyday life. Messy desker Josh Freed goes on a journey to find successful messes and examine the link between creativity and chaos. Broadcast in Canada on CTV and Canal D. Broadcast internationally in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Italy, France.




China's Sexual Revolution

China’s Sexual Revolution (2006) offers the world’s first glimpse into this forbidden new China. It’s a surprisingly intimate portrait of the Chinese today: the new free love generation that’s left their parents in shock; the booming sex industry that’s creating an HIV crisis; the new generation of career women and feminists that suddenly wants it all – while millions of men feel left out. Broadcast in English on CBC, and in over 10 countries in Europe and Asia.


In Search of Sleep

In Search Of Sleep: an Insomniac’s Journey (2004): A personal odyssey by Freed, a self-confessed insomniac, who hasn’t slept like a baby since he was one.  It aired on CBC Witness June 23, 2004. Also in Sweden and Finland, and on Radio-Canada in French. It was nominated for the best POV film at the Yorkton Film Festival 2004.




To Kill or to Cure

To Kill or to Cure (2003) A two-part special on crime and punishment around the world today written and directed by Josh Freed and Jon Kalina.  Nominated for  two of the 6 nominations for best Canadian documentary-writing in the Canadian Writer’s Guild Awards for 2004. The film was also nominated for best social documentary at the Yorkton Film festival in 2003.


Juggling Dreams (2002)   A documentary about the Cirque de Soleil in Mongolia that Freed co-directed and wrote with Miro Cernetig. It was a Gemini finalist in 2003 for best documentary-writing. Broadcast, so far, in Ireland, Sweden, Poland.

Wild for Weather (2001)  Broadcast on CBC Witness and on Radio-Canada, as well as in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, China and elsewhere. (sales report not up to date). Directorwriter.

Polar Bear Safari (2000) Follows an American big game hunter who goes polar bear hunting with the Inuit in Canada’s arctic. It was a co-production between CH 4 in England and the CBC in Canada, and has also been broadcast in Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Australia, Japan and elsewhere. Co-directorwriter. It won a Chris Award in Columbus Ohio, in the bronze category for best current affairs documentary.

Coat of Many Countries (1999)  Follows the extraordinary voyage of an ordinary men’s suit made on the global assembly, in 4 continents and 9 different countries. Broadcast in more than a dozen countries so far, including Japan, Australia, France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Finland and several Arab nations. Directorwriter.

At Your Service: The Cater Culture (1997)  Looks at the relationship between waiters and those on whom they wait. Broadcast in England, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, Hungary, Japan, Finland, Sweden, China, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Australia and several other countries.) Directorwriter.

The Envelope Please (1996)  One-hour film about the secret politics behind the Academy Awards. Broadcast in the U.S. (Bravo) , Israel, Australia, Denmark, and other European countries. Directorwriter.

Merchandising Murder (1995)  A film about American media coverage of the O.J. Simpson case. Broadcast on A&E, and in over 15 other countries, including Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway and Spain. Directorwriter. Winner of the New York film Festival World Medal (for A&E)

North To Nowhere (1991)   Award-winning humorous documentary about a race to the North Pole, by adventurers travelling in dogsleds, motorcycles, helicopters and ultralight planes. Winner of 3 Gemini awards, The Yorkton festival and several European awards. Directorwriter.  Co-produced by England, Canada, Germany and France and shown in over 25 countries including the U.S. Disney channel.

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